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Adjustable angle 45-90° multifunctional drill holder

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Drill guides that can be used in horizontal, vertical or angled positions, with angled positions up to 45 degrees and rubber pad bases to hold the guides in place
The drill adapter itself slides up and down on the guide bar, with a solid construction and integrated fixation for long-lasting use.

Removable handle, extra handle for precise positioning to prevent slipping when drilling.
Adjustable angle, the drill can be used in horizontal, vertical or angled position.
Sturdy and durable, the base is made of high quality material and column, the main structure is sturdy and durable, suitable for 99% of electric drills: 8mm hexagonal handle is suitable for most electric drills, easy to install.

Versatile: This is the ideal accessory for electric drills to accurately drill and saw holes in walls, ceilings, angled workpieces, circles, slats and shaped materials at an angle in any situation.

Material: die-cast aluminum
Clamping diameter: 43mm
Silver color